Tommaso Lomonte

Alias: Thomas Lomonte



Died: Octo­ber 13th 1915

Where: E116th St

Cause: Shot

Killer: Anto­nio Impoluzzo

Tomas­so Lomonte, a cousin of the Morel­lo fam­i­ly, was shot and killed on Octo­ber 13th 1915.

Tomas­so, 29, had been at the home of his cousin, Rose Lomonte, at 312 E116th Street. They left the house dur­ing the evening when they were shot from behind after only walk­ing a short dis­tance. Tomas­so died on the street. Rose was taken to Harlem Hos­pi­tal but could not be saved. After fol­low­ing the com­mo­tion of a crowd out­side a build­ing on E116th Street, the police arrest­ed a nine­teen year old boy called Anto­nio Impoluz­zo, he was found in bed with his clothes on, hid­ing a pis­tol. He was even­tu­al­ly elec­tro­cut­ed for the killing at Sing Sing in May 1917

Impoluz­zo had only one pre­vi­ous con­vic­tion for car­ry­ing a gun in Jan­u­ary 1915.

The news­pa­pers report­ed Tomas­so giv­ing the fol­low­ing state­ment to Act­ing Capt. Jones of the Third Branch Detec­tive Bureau before his death:

I don’t know who got my broth­er and the boss [Gal­luc­ci], but I am not tak­ing any chances.