Colagero Morello

by Jon Black

Colagero Morello

Alias: Charles Morello

Born: 1892

Nationality: American

Died: 1912

Where: E114th Street


Killer: Rocco Tapano 

Colagero Morello, the only son of Giuseppe Morello and Maria Marvalesi was born in 1892

Born into such a fam­i­ly, Colagero soon began to live a crim­i­nal life. He was killed in a street fight in 1912 on E114th Street. He was shot by Rocco Tapano, a mem­ber of the Kid Baker gang, in ret­ri­bu­tion for the Morello gang’s involve­ment in the 1903 slay­ing of Benedetto Madonia, Tapano’s Uncle. 

Nick Morello took revenge for his nephew short­ly after when he shot Rocco Tapano. Whilst nev­er charged with the crime, it was not­ed in Secret Service records when they learnt of his involve­ment through one of their informants.