Early Organized Crime

    Amer­i­can coun­ter­feit­ing in the late 1890s was dom­i­nat­ed by dan­ger­ous Italian-born out­laws that had found a foothold in the US.

    The Barrel Murder

    1903. The dis­cov­ery of a body stuffed into a bar­rel leads to the cap­ture of ‘boss-of-bosses’ Giuseppe Morello.

    The Grocery Conspiracy

    1908. A look at an orga­nized Mafia con­spir­a­cy to com­mit bank­rupt­cy fraud by con­ceal­ment of assets, amount­ing to $500,000.

    Joe Petrosino Murder

    1909. Joe Pet­rosi­no of the NYPD, who made it his mis­sion to smash the Black Hand & Mafia gangs, is mur­dered in the line of duty.

    The Murder Stables

    The his­to­ry of the infa­mous East 108th Street sta­bles, and the war between the Neapoli­tan gangs of East Harlem.

    The Morello and Lupo Trial

    The Secret Ser­vice begin to track the Mafia lead­ers, Lupo and Morel­lo under sus­pi­cion of coun­ter­feit­ing, lead­ing to the pair’s downfall.

    The Struggle for Control

    1910 – 1918. A long run­ning bat­tle between New York’s gangs to con­trol the city’s lucra­tive rackets.

    Al Capone and The Secret Service

    In 1930, Al Capone met with the Secret Ser­vice and intro­duced them to a NYC based informant. 

The Black Hand