Ippolito Greco

by Jon Black


Born: 1878

Nationality: Sicilian Corleone

Died: October 7th1915

Where: E108th St

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown gunmen

Ippolito Greco of 230 E107th, the own­er of the ‘Murder Stable’ was killed on October 7th1915

Greco, a saloon keep­er with Angelo Gagliano at 227 E107th, had been involved in the killing of Barnet Baff. He received a mes­sage at the sta­bles one night to meet some friends at a saloon on E108th Street. As Greco left the sta­ble with four men, includ­ing his broth­er Vincenzo, he was shot and killed. 

The four men were arrest­ed as wit­ness­es, Giovanni Viserti, Nicola Vitrano, Francisco Ingemato and Vincenzo Greco. The men told con­flict­ing sto­ries, and Vincenzo Greco claimed to have fired his gun into the air to scare the killers, four cham­bers of his gun were found to be dis­charged. He was held on $300 bail as a mate­r­i­al wit­ness to the coroner.

Gagliano Greco saloon