Giuseppe Verrazano

Alias: Giuseppe Verrazano



Died: Octo­ber 6th1916

Where: Broome St

Cause: Shot

Killer: Tony Notaro

Giuseppe Ver­razano was a gam­bler based in lower Man­hat­tan. He con­trolled sev­er­al gam­bling hous­es and was known to most of the large gangs in the area.

In 1916, the Morel­lo gang, Giuseppe Ver­razano, and the Navy St gang were involved with the killing of Joe DeMar­co. Ver­iz­zano had worked with DeMar­co and was intro­duced as the man who would be able to help kill him. 

Ver­razano, who already had his own card games in Ken­mare St, began to con­tem­plate open­ing a new gam­bling house, this news did not sit well with the Navy Street gang who began to plot his death. One day Ver­iz­zano spot­ted Loren­zo Lic­cari, from the Coney Island gang, sit­ting inside Frank Fer­rara’s café on Grand Street. He began to sneak around the side of the café to kill Lic­cari, but he was spot­ted before he man­aged to shoot.

On Octo­ber 6th 1916, Charles Gior­dano from Stat­en Island, a pol­i­cy man, saloon owner and friend of the Neapoli­tans made plans for the killing of Ver­iz­zano. Alphon­so Sgroia, Mike Notaro, Ralph Daniel­lo and John Manci­ni trav­elled to Man­hat­tan where Gior­dano locat­ed Ver­iz­zano in the Ital­ian Gar­dens restau­rant in the Occi­den­tal Hotel, Broome Street. Sgroia and Notaro stood by the door shoot­ing into the estab­lish­ment. Ver­iz­zano was hit and killed. The Navy Street gun­men escaped, one into the Bow­ery and one into Broome Street.

Charles Gior­dano, the saloon keep­er from Tomp­kinsville S.I. was put on trial on April 27th, 1918, with plot­ting the killing of Verrazano.