Giovanni Lupo

Brother of Mafia boss Ignazio Lupo.

Giovanni Lupo

Brother of Ignazio Lupo, John arrived in New York with his family in 1900. He worked as a presser for six years before leaving to work for his brother at his wholesale store on Mott Street.

John worked with Ignazio for just under two years, he then left in October 1908 to start his own business, “Lupo & Lo Presti”, a wholesale grocery store in Hoboken.

In May 1909, a huge gun fight broke out in Hobken. One of the trucks belonging to to the Lupo & Lapresti business had killed the four year old son of Enrico Barracano, an Italian Banker. The accident caused a riot in which ‘forty to fifty shots were fired at members of the Lupo faction’.

After Ignazio Lupo was convicted of counterfeiting in 1910, John was heavily involved in trying to secure his release. He gave many interviews to the press, and it was estimated he spent $65,000 on his efforts to free his brother.

A petition in bankruptcy was filed against John Lupo in 1915.