Antonio Comito

Antonio Comito
Antonio Comito


Born: 1880

Nation­al­i­ty: Ital­ian — Calabria





Anto­nio Comi­to was born in 1880, in Catan­zaro, Cal­abria. He had pre­vi­ous­ly worked as a print­er before leav­ing for New York in June, 1907. Whilst liv­ing at 72 James Street, he found work in the city as a print­er based on Park Row. Comi­to was appoint­ed Supreme Deputy of a soci­ety called the “Sons of Italy”, a sup­port group for recent­ly arrived Ital­ian immi­grants to America.

In 1908, Comi­to began coun­ter­feit­ing Cana­di­an and US cur­ren­cy for the Morel­lo gang. On Jan­u­ary 4th, 1910, he was arrest­ed when nine Secret Ser­vice offi­cers and police­men raid­ed his flat. The result­ing court case saw Giuseppe Morel­lo, Ignazio Lupo and gang jailed under heavy sen­tences, whilst Comi­to was set free after act­ing as the prin­ci­pal wit­ness for the prosecution.