Antonio Cecala

by Jon Black

Alias: Nino Cecala

Born: 1875

Nationality: Sicily, Corleone

Died: May 26 1928

Where: New York

Cause: Shot


Antonio Cecala, a mem­ber of the Morello gang, arrived in America in 1889. He ran a gro­cery store, belong­ing to Ignazio Lupo, at 9 Spring Street and bought most of his pro­duce from Lupo’s whole­sale store on Mott Street. 

Cecala worked as an arson­ist in New York, burn­ing trou­bled busi­ness­es allow­ing them to claim on the insur­ance. He lat­er opened to gam­bling dens on Elizabeth Street before being involved with the Morello gang’s coun­ter­feit­ing oper­a­tion in Highland NY. A crime which saw him sen­tenced to 15 years hard labour at Atlanta Penitentiary. 

He was even­tu­al­ly paroled on 21st February 1915. Later not­ed to be involved with var­i­ous gang relat­ed busi­ness, he was gunned down in 1928.