Tommaso Petto

by Jon Black

Alias: Luciano Perino (Real name)


Nationality: Sicilian

Died: 1905

Where: Wilkesbarre Pen.

Cause: Stabbed


Tommaso Petto was a killer for the Morello gang. He was arrested by Petrosino in relation to the Barrel Murder case in 1903.

On Saturday 25th April, 1903, Petto was formally charged with committing the murder. Due to a lack of evidence in the case Petto was never convicted, he was eventually released on January 29th, 1904

During a 1904 investigation into a kidnapping case that involved Vito Laduca, a witness claimed he had seen a man waiting for Laduca on two occasions, the description was reported to have matched that of Tommaso Petto.

It is thought that Petto later moved from New York to Pennsylvania, where he was subsequently killed outside his home in Wilkesbarre.