John Russomano

by Jon Black



Nationality: Italian





John Russomano was the nephew of famed Harlem gang­ster, Giosue Gallucci.

On December 15th, 1912, a peace meet­ing had been arranged between Gallucci and Aniello Prisco. Prisco was killed at the meet­ing by two bul­lets to the head, fired by Russomano. The police lat­er released him after they believed his sto­ry of self defence.

On February 18th, 1913, Russomano and his body­guard, Capalongo, were shot stand­ing in the door­way of his home at 329 E109th. Capalongo died instant­ly, Russomano was shot in the arm, break­ing the bone. He lat­er told police that he had not heard the shots, the police sus­pect­ed the killers had used silencers to help them escape eas­i­ly. Although no one was arrest­ed for the killing, it was thought that the shoot­ing was arranged by Amadio Buonomo in revenge for the killing of his friend Prisco.

35 Italians were arrest­ed in late July 1913, in con­nec­tion with pol­i­cy games. Most were charged with aid­ing and abet­ting pol­i­cy shops and some were charged under the Sullivan law. Russomano was arrest­ed along with Gallucci and Joseph ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro, all were charged with car­ry­ing con­cealed weapons. Russomano man­aged to delay his tri­al until March 27th, 1914, when the General Sessions court would find him guilty and send him to Sing Sing for sev­en years.