Colagero Morello

by Jon Black

Colagero Morello

Alias: Charles Morello

Born: 1892

Nationality: American

Died: 1912

Where: E114th Street


Killer: Rocco Tapano

Colagero Morello, the only son of Giuseppe Morello and Maria Marvalesi was born in 1892.

Born into such a family, Colagero soon began to live a criminal life. He was killed in a street fight in 1912 on E114th Street. He was shot by Rocco Tapano, a member of the Kid Baker gang, in retribution for the Morello gang’s involvement in the 1903 slaying of Benedetto Madonia, Tapano’s Uncle.

Nick Morello took revenge for his nephew shortly after when he shot Rocco Tapano. Whilst never charged with the crime, it was noted in Secret Service records when they learnt of his involvement through one of their informants.