Antonio Cecala

by Jon Black

Alias: Nino Cecala

Born: 1875

Nationality: Sicily, Corleone

Died: May 26 1928

Where: New York

Cause: Shot


Antonio Cecala, a member of the Morello gang, arrived in America in 1889. He ran a grocery store, belonging to Ignazio Lupo, at 9 Spring Street and bought most of his produce from Lupo’s wholesale store on Mott Street.

Cecala worked as an arsonist in New York, burning troubled businesses allowing them to claim on the insurance. He later opened to gambling dens on Elizabeth Street before being involved with the Morello gang’s counterfeiting operation in Highland NY. A crime which saw him sentenced to 15 years hard labour at Atlanta Penitentiary.

He was eventually paroled on 21st February 1915. Later noted to be involved with various gang related business, he was gunned down in 1928.