by Jon Black

Gangrule is a look at the emergence of organized crime in New York through 1900–1920, leading up to the well documented prohibition era.

The database of historic events, family histories and photographs is based on research from primary sources including police, federal, court, immigration, business, and prison records.

Contact: jon@gangrule.com

Special thanks must be given to Dave Critchley for his assistance with the research. His book “The Origin of Organized Crime in America” is the product of 10 years of research both in the United States and the United Kingdom. David Critchley examines the Mafia recruitment process, relations with Mafias in Sicily, the role of non-Sicilians in New York’s organized crime families, kinship connections, the Black Hand, the impact of Prohibition, and allegations that a “new” Mafia was created in 1931. The book is an absolute ‘must buy’ for anyone interested in this era.

Another great book covering this period is “The First Family” by Mike Dash. An in-depth look at the Morello family and their growth in the American underworld.