Vincenzo Giglio

Vincenzo Giglio 1910
Vincenzo Giglio 1910

Alias: Vin­cen­zo Giglio

Born: 1880

Nation­al­i­ty: Sicilian

Died: 5th May 1914

Where: Atlanta Penitentiary

Cause: Ill­ness


Vin­cen­zo Giglio was born in 1880, in Bivona, Sici­ly. He arrived in New York in 1895, before trav­el­ling to Tampa with Sal­va­tore Cina, who went on to marry Giglio’s sis­ter. In 1904, he returned to New York and bought a farm in Mil­ton Turn­pike, High­land with Cina. The prop­er­ty was described as a “42 acre farm with two hous­es, three hay barns and a sta­ble”. The farm was list­ed as hav­ing “500 vine plants, 1000 peach trees, 300 pear trees, 50 apple trees and 3000 plum trees”.

In 1909, Giglio was involved with a coun­ter­feit­ing ring run by the Morel­lo gang.

On Jan­u­ary 5th, 1910, agents arrived at Giuseppe Paler­mo’s store, ‘Joe Paler­mo & Co’, 11 Duane Street, Pough­keep­sie. They arrest­ed Cina and Giglio, the result­ing court case saw Giglio sen­tenced to 15 years hard labour and a $1000 fine.

He died from ill­ness in Atlanta Pen­i­ten­tiary on 5th May, 1914.