Tommaso Petto

by Jon Black

Alias: Luciano Perino (Real name)


Nationality: Sicilian

Died: 1905

Where: Wilkesbarre Pen.

Cause: Stabbed


Tommaso Petto was a killer for the Morello gang. He was arrest­ed by Petrosino in rela­tion to the Barrel Murder case in 1903

On Saturday 25th April, 1903, Petto was for­mal­ly charged with com­mit­ting the mur­der. Due to a lack of evi­dence in the case Petto was nev­er con­vict­ed, he was even­tu­al­ly released on January 29th1904

During a 1904 inves­ti­ga­tion into a kid­nap­ping case that involved Vito Laduca, a wit­ness claimed he had seen a man wait­ing for Laduca on two occa­sions, the descrip­tion was report­ed to have matched that of Tommaso Petto.

It is thought that Petto lat­er moved from New York to Pennsylvania, where he was sub­se­quent­ly killed out­side his home in Wilkesbarre.