Nicola Del Gaudio

Alias: Nic Del Gaudio



Died: Octo­ber 1914

Where: East River and 114th St.

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown gunman

The Neapoli­tan Del Gau­dio broth­ers were involved in gam­bling in East Harlem, but also had con­nec­tions with the Brook­lyn based Navy St gang. Nico­la Del Gau­dio, broth­er to Gae­tano and owner of a bar­ber shop on E104th, was killed in Octo­ber 1914. He had been lured down to the East River and 114th St. As he passed an empty lot he was killed by a shot­gun fired from behind a fence. 

The killing was attrib­uted to the pow­er­ful Gio­sue Gal­luc­ci, after Del Gau­dio had become dis­pleased with his share of the East Harlem graft and demand­ed more. How­ev­er, dur­ing the trial of Alle­san­dro Vollero for the killing of Nico­la Ter­ra­no­va, it was noted that Vollero want­ed the Morel­lo gang killed for their part in the mur­der of Del Gaudio.