Giuseppe Palermo

Giuseppe Palermo was involved with the Morello Family counterfeiting.

Giuseppe Palermo

Giuseppe Palermo arrived in New York from Sicily in 1902, after fleeing a 31 year sentence for murder. He was a known associate of the Morello gang.

Palermo was involved in the 1910 counterfeiting case in Highland. He travelled to the farm with Lupo and Morello to check the quality of the printing being done there.

In March 1909, Palermo purchased a share in Cina’s Highland farm from Vincenzo Giglio. He purchased his share under his alias Salvatore Saracina, he also ran a grocery store at 11 Duane Street, Poughkeepsie.

On January 8th, 1910, Secret Service agents gathered at 8804 Bay 16th Street, Bath Beach, Brooklyn. They arrested Lupo and Palermo in connection with the Highland counterfeiting. Palermo offered a bribe of $100 for his freedom, Lupo also joined in the plea, claiming they should release Palermo “let this poor old devil go, he has nothing to do with this”.

In the resulting trial, Palermo was sentenced to 18 years hard labour and a $1000 fine. He was paroled from Atlanta Penitentiary on 21st February, 1916. His sentence was fully commuted in August 1920, it was noted that Palermo had suffered a paralytic stroke during his time in Atlanta.