Giuseppe Calicchio

by Jon Black

Alias: Don Peppe

Born: 1857

Nationality: Italian — Neapolitan





Calicchio was born in Puglia, Italy, in 1858. He worked in Rome as a print­er for ten years, where he had been involved with coun­ter­feit­ing. Arriving in New York in 1906, he lat­er pur­chased his own print shop at 64 Prince Street.

In 1909, Calicchio began work for the Morello gang in Highland. He worked as a print­er and lith­o­graph­ic engraver coun­ter­feit­ing Canadian and US currency.

The gang was appre­hend­ed in 1910. Calicchio was sen­tenced to 17 years hard labour and a $1000 fine. He was paroled from Atlanta Penitentiary in 1920.