Frank Fevrola

by Jon Black

Alias: Don Chichi







Frank Fevrola was a mem­ber of the Brooklyn based Navy St gang.

On March 16th, 1917, Joseph ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro was shot and killed in Yonkers NY. Nazzaro had been spot­ted talk­ing to the Morello gang in Harlem, and was sen­tenced to death by the Neapolitan gangs in Brooklyn. Fevrola, Sgroia, and the Paretti broth­ers, all from the Navy St gang lured Nazzaro out to Yonkers under the pre­tence of killing Fevrola for giv­ing the police infor­ma­tion about a gang. The gang then shot Nazzaro and left his body on the trol­ley tracks.

Frank Fevrola was tried for the mur­der of Joe ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro on April 18th, 1921. Judge Tompkins found him guilty and sen­tenced him to the death house at Sing Sing. His con­vic­tion was large­ly due to his wife’s tes­ti­mo­ny against him. 

On April 14th, 1922, a notice was served on DA Weeks, that a motion would be made to grant a retri­al on the case of Fevrola. His wife had with­drawn all her pre­vi­ous state­ments, say­ing she had been threat­ened and bribed by the police. DA Weeks tried to oppose the retri­al by rub­bish­ing her new affi­davit. On May 23rd, 1922, Justice Tompkins denied any motion for a retrial. 

On May 29th, 1923, lawyer Thomas O’Neil made a last minute attempt to save Fevrola from exe­cu­tion. His request for a retri­al was again put before Supreme Court Justice Tompkins. On Thursday 28th June, 1923, with just sev­en hours left until his exe­cu­tion and in a state of col­lapse, Fevrola received a reprieve, spar­ing his life until October 7th. The death sen­tence was even­tu­al­ly com­mut­ed to life imprisonment.