Fortunato Lomonte

by Jon Black

Alias: Charles Lomonte



Died: May 23rd 1914

Where: E108th St

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown Gunman

Fortunato Lomonte, a cousin of the Morello fam­i­ly, ran a hay and grain office with his broth­er Tomasso. The busi­ness was locat­ed at 2103 1st Avenue, on the junc­tion of E108th Street — just a few doors away was the infa­mous’Murder Stable’.

The police were sur­prised to learn of Lomonte’s mur­der on May 23rd, 1914. Fortunato, who had just left his busi­ness premis­es on the Saturday morn­ing, was walk­ing along E108th Street when he was shot in the back with three bul­lets. The killer had appeared from the hall­way of a ten­e­ment, then escaped by return­ing to the hall­way and vault­ing a fence at the rear of the build­ing. Lomonte’s friends drove him to Harlem Hospital where he was revived. Detective John Cassetti pushed Lomonte for the killers name, but he refused to talk before he fell uncon­scious and died.

Physicians at the hos­pi­tal said that the vis­it­ing Tomasso Lomonte swore revenge for his broth­er. The fam­i­ly house at 213 E107th Street was lat­er besieged by friends and fam­i­ly, every­one who entered the house was ques­tioned by the police about their busi­ness before being allowed entry.

According to Nicola Gentile, the killers were Umberto Valenti and Accursio Dimino, sent by “Toto” D’Aquila who was look­ing to remove the pow­er of Lomonte. Gentile described Lomonte as hav­ing “the absolute pre­dom­i­nance in the quar­ter around 106th Street”, but the killing may have also been for the recent killing of D’Aquila’s friend Giuseppe Fontana, a long time Morello asso­ciate who had defect­ed from the weak­en­ing gang.