Eugene Ubriaco

Alias: Eugene ‘Charles’ Ubriaco

Born: 1867


Died: Sep­tem­ber 7th 1916

Where: John­son St and Hud­son Avenue

Cause: Shot

Killer: Thomas Car­il­lo and Lefty Esposito

Eugene Ubri­a­co, later Amer­i­can­ized to Charles, arrived in New York August 27th, 1907. Ubri­a­co, the son of a wealthy con­trac­tor, was a res­i­dent of Harlem for nine years before his death in 1916. He was con­nect­ed with the Morel­lo gang dur­ing his time in Harlem.

In a case of mis­tak­en iden­ti­ty, Ubri­a­co was arrest­ed in August 1912, in con­nec­tion with the killing of Her­man Rosen­thal. He was arrest­ed when he matched a descrip­tion of Harry ‘Gyp the Blood’ Horowitz.

On Sep­tem­ber 7th, 1916, Nicholas Ter­ra­no­va and Eugene Ubri­a­co trav­elled down­town to meet with the Navy St gang, where they were both mur­dered.

Scene after the Terranova/Ubriaco killing.
Scene after the Terranova/Ubriaco killing.