Antonio Notaro

Alias: Tony Notaro







Tony Notaro was a gun­man for the Navy St gang. He was involved with the mur­der of Nicholas Ter­ra­no­va at John­son and Navy Streets on Sep­tem­ber 7th, 1916. Giuseppe Ver­razano, a gam­bling king­pin and ally to the Morel­lo’s was also shot by Notaro.

Ange­lo Gior­dano, a saloon keep­er from Tomp­kinsville S.I. was put on trial on April 27th, 1918. He was charged with plot­ting the killing of Giuseppe Ver­razano in Octo­ber, 1916. Notaro and Ralph Daniel­lo, also from the Navy St gang, tes­ti­fied against Giordano. 

Notaro was quot­ed as say­ing ‘Gior­dano told us that Ver­razano had to be killed that night. When I said that I did not want to kill a man with­out orders from my boss, Gior­dano said he would do the job him­self but that I would die the next day for refus­ing, then I changed my mind’. Notaro claimed that Gior­dano led him to the restau­rant on Broome St and point­ed out Ver­razano to be shot.

Anto­nio Notaro was sen­tenced in June 1918, from 6 to 10 years in the case of Nicholas Ter­ra­no­va and Eugene Ubri­a­co.