Vincenzo Giglio

by Jon Black

Alias: Vincenzo Giglio

Born: 1880

Nationality: Sicilian

Died: 5th May 1914

Where: Atlanta Penitentiary

Cause: Illness


Vincenzo Giglio was born in 1880, in Bivona, Sicily. He arrived in New York in 1895, before travelling to Tampa with Salvatore Cina, who went on to marry Giglio’s sister. In 1904, he returned to New York and bought a farm in Milton Turnpike, Highland with Cina. The property was described as a “42 acre farm with two houses, three hay barns and a stable”. The farm was listed as having “500 vine plants, 1000 peach trees, 300 pear trees, 50 apple trees and 3000 plum trees”.

In 1909, Giglio was involved with a counterfeiting ring run by the Morello gang.

On January 5th, 1910, agents arrived at Giuseppe Palermo’s store, “Joe Palermo & Co”, 11 Duane Street, Poughkeepsie. They arrested Cina and Giglio, the resulting court case saw Giglio sentenced to 15 years hard labour and a $1000 fine.

He died from illness in Atlanta Penitentiary on 5th May, 1914.