Tommaso Lomonte

by Jon Black

Alias: Thomas Lomonte



Died: October 13th 1915

Where: E116th St

Cause: Shot

Killer: Antonio Impoluzzo

Tomasso Lomonte, a cousin of the Morello family, was shot and killed on October 13th 1915.

Tomasso, 29, had been at the home of his cousin, Rose Lomonte, at 312 E116th Street. They left the house during the evening when they were shot from behind after only walking a short distance. Tomasso died on the street. Rose was taken to Harlem Hospital but could not be saved. After following the commotion of a crowd outside a building on E116th Street, the police arrested a nineteen year old boy called Antonio Impoluzzo, he was found in bed with his clothes on, hiding a pistol. He was eventually electrocuted for the killing at Sing Sing in May 1917.

Impoluzzo had only one previous conviction for carrying a gun in January 1915.

The newspapers reported Tomasso giving the following statement to Acting Capt. Jones of the Third Branch Detective Bureau before his death:

I don’t know who got my brother and the boss [Gallucci], but I am not taking any chances.