Giuseppe Verrazano

by Jon Black

Alias: Giuseppe Verrazano



Died: October 6th, 1916

Where: Broome St

Cause: Shot

Killer: Tony Notaro

Giuseppe Verrazano was a gambler based in lower Manhattan. He controlled several gambling houses and was known to most of the large gangs in the area.

In 1916, the Morello gang, Giuseppe Verrazano, and the Navy St gang were involved with the killing of Joe DeMarco. Verizzano had worked with DeMarco and was introduced as the man who would be able to help kill him.

Verrazano, who already had his own card games in Kenmare St, began to contemplate opening a new gambling house, this news did not sit well with the Navy Street gang who began to plot his death. One day Verizzano spotted Lorenzo Liccari, from the Coney Island gang, sitting inside Frank Ferrara’s cafe on Grand Street. He began to sneak around the side of the cafe to kill Liccari, but he was spotted before he managed to shoot.

On October 6th 1916, Charles Giordano from Staten Island, a policy man, saloon owner and friend of the Neapolitans made plans for the killing of Verizzano. Alphonso Sgroia, Mike Notaro, Ralph Daniello and John Mancini travelled to Manhattan where Giordano located Verizzano in the Italian Gardens restaurant in the Occidental Hotel, Broome Street. Sgroia and Notaro stood by the door shooting into the establishment. Verizzano was hit and killed. The Navy Street gunmen escaped, one into the Bowery and one into Broome Street.

Charles Giordano, the saloon keeper from Tompkinsville S.I. was put on trial on April 27th, 1918, with plotting the killing of Verrazano.