Giuseppe Guillambardo

by Jon Black

Alias: Giuseppe Guillambardo

Born: 1875

Nationality: Sicilian





Giuseppe Guillambardo arrived in New York from Palermo in November 1902

On 31st December, 1902, Secret Service agents fol­lowed Guillambardo, Giuseppe De Primo and Isadoro Crocervera as they walked along Main Street. They were sus­pect­ed of pass­ing coun­ter­feit five dol­lar bills in pre­cise imi­ta­tion to the cur­ren­cy issued by the National Iron Bank, Morristown NY. The agents wit­nessed the men pass­ing the bad notes and placed them under arrest, how­ev­er Guillambardo man­aged to break free. 

He was arrest­ed two months lat­er after being spot­ted at a 226 Elizabeth Street, a café belong­ing to Pietro Inzerillo of the Morello gang.

On March 13th 1903 all three men were found guilty and sent to Sing Sing prison. Guillambardo was sen­tenced to 5 years, Giuseppe De Primo to 4 years, and Isadoro Crocervera to 3 years.

De Primo Morristown 5 note