Giuseppe Guillambardo

by Jon Black

Alias: Giuseppe Guillambardo

Born: 1875

Nationality: Sicilian





Giuseppe Guillambardo arrived in New York from Palermo in November 1902.

On 31st December, 1902, Secret Service agents followed Guillambardo, Giuseppe De Primo and Isadoro Crocervera as they walked along Main Street. They were suspected of passing counterfeit five dollar bills in precise imitation to the currency issued by the National Iron Bank, Morristown NY. The agents witnessed the men passing the bad notes and placed them under arrest, however Guillambardo managed to break free.

He was arrested two months later after being spotted at a 226 Elizabeth Street, a cafe belonging to Pietro Inzerillo of the Morello gang.

On March 13th 1903 all three men were found guilty and sent to Sing Sing prison. Guillambardo was sentenced to 5 years, Giuseppe De Primo to 4 years, and Isadoro Crocervera to 3 years.

De Primo Morristown 5 note