Gennaro Gallucci

by Jon Black

Alias: Gennaro Gallucci

Born: 1857

Nationality: Italian Neapolitan

Died: November 14 1909

Where: 318 E109th Street

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown gunman

Gennaro was born in Italy in 1857 to Luca Gallucci and Antonia Cavallo. Brother to gang­ster Giosue Gallucci, Gennaro arrived in New York in December 1908

He had escaped prison in Italy after serv­ing 23 years of his life sen­tence for mur­der­ing two men. On September 14th, 1909, Gennaro was arrest­ed for car­ry­ing con­cealed weapons, the police tried to have him deport­ed but the courts unaware of his full back­ground released him with a sus­pend­ed sen­tence. He lived with his broth­er Giosue and sis­ter-in-law Assunta at 318 E109th Street, a three sto­ry brick house with an attached sta­ble and a bak­ery shop at the front.

On November 14, 1909, Gennaro was shot dead at the fam­i­ly home. He had been din­ing in the back room of the bak­ery when he was called to the front shop and mur­dered. Dr Toart of Harlem Hospital pro­nounced Gennaro dead at the scene. 

The police arrest­ed his broth­er Francisco Gallucci, of 146 Hester St, and his sis­ter-in-law Assunta Gallucci, whom Gennaro had been din­ing with. They both told the police that Gennaro had been killed by a lone gun­man who had entered the build­ing look­ing for him, how­ev­er Captain Carey dis­missed their sto­ry as no wit­ness­es or evi­dence could sup­port it. 

The police believed the killing may have been con­nect­ed to Gennaro’s black mail­ing threats, the Gallucci bak­ery had been shot up only a few months before when bul­lets smashed through the bak­ery win­dow. In let­ters that were lat­er sent to the police, some infor­mants claimed that Giosue Gallucci had been respon­si­ble for the mur­der of his own brother.

Gennaro Gallucci (DC)