Gennaro Gallucci

by Jon Black

Alias: Gennaro Gallucci

Born: 1857

Nationality: Italian Neapolitan

Died: November 14 1909

Where: 318 E109th Street

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown gunman

Gennaro was born in Italy in 1857 to Luca Gallucci and Antonia Cavallo. Brother to gangster Giosue Gallucci, Gennaro arrived in New York in December 1908.

He had escaped prison in Italy after serving 23 years of his life sentence for murdering two men. On September 14th, 1909, Gennaro was arrested for carrying concealed weapons, the police tried to have him deported but the courts unaware of his full background released him with a suspended sentence. He lived with his brother Giosue and sister-in-law Assunta at 318 E109th Street, a three story brick house with an attached stable and a bakery shop at the front.

On November 14, 1909, Gennaro was shot dead at the family home. He had been dining in the back room of the bakery when he was called to the front shop and murdered. Dr Toart of Harlem Hospital pronounced Gennaro dead at the scene.

The police arrested his brother Francisco Gallucci, of 146 Hester St, and his sister-in-law Assunta Gallucci, whom Gennaro had been dining with. They both told the police that Gennaro had been killed by a lone gunman who had entered the building looking for him, however Captain Carey dismissed their story as no witnesses or evidence could support it.

The police believed the killing may have been connected to Gennaro’s black mailing threats, the Gallucci bakery had been shot up only a few months before when bullets smashed through the bakery window. In letters that were later sent to the police, some informants claimed that Giosue Gallucci had been responsible for the murder of his own brother.

Gennaro Gallucci (DC)