Generossi Nazzaro

by Jon Black

Alias: Chuck Nazzaro



Died: March 16th 1917

Where: Yonkers

Cause: Shot

Killer: Navy St gang

Joe ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro, of 339 E108th, arrived in New York in 1904.

He was arrest­ed in late July, 1913, in con­nec­tion with gam­bling and pol­i­cy games. Giosue Gallucci was also arrest­ed along with his nephew John Russomano, all were charged with car­ry­ing con­cealed weapons. Nazzaro was jailed for ten months, and released in May 1915. To help him raise some mon­ey a ben­e­fit was held on his return. He sold his café in E108th to Carmine Mollica, short­ly after the sale Mollica was ambushed and killed. Nazzaro was arrest­ed but lat­er released.

Joe Nazzaro was a col­league of Joe DeMarco who had been chased out of Harlem by the Morello gang. After DeMarco’s mur­der, Nazzaro aligned him­self with the Neapolitan Navy Street gang but had been spot­ted talk­ing to the Morello’s in Harlem, and was sen­tenced to death by the Neapolitans.

On March 16th, 1917, he was shot and killed in Yonkers NY. Fevrola, Sgroia, and the Paretti broth­ers, all from the Navy St gang, lured him out to Yonkers under the pre­tence of killing Fevrola for giv­ing the infor­ma­tion to the police. They shot Nazzaro and left his body on the trol­ley tracks.

Nazzarro police record