Generossi Nazzaro

by Jon Black

Alias: Chuck Nazzaro



Died: March 16th 1917

Where: Yonkers

Cause: Shot

Killer: Navy St gang

Joe ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro, of 339 E108th, arrived in New York in 1904.

He was arrested in late July, 1913, in connection with gambling and policy games. Giosue Gallucci was also arrested along with his nephew John Russomano, all were charged with carrying concealed weapons. Nazzaro was jailed for ten months, and released in May 1915. To help him raise some money a benefit was held on his return. He sold his cafe in E108th to Carmine Mollica, shortly after the sale Mollica was ambushed and killed. Nazzaro was arrested but later released.

Joe Nazzaro was a colleague of Joe DeMarco who had been chased out of Harlem by the Morello gang. After DeMarco’s murder, Nazzaro aligned himself with the Neapolitan Navy Street gang but had been spotted talking to the Morello’s in Harlem, and was sentenced to death by the Neapolitans.

On March 16th, 1917, he was shot and killed in Yonkers NY. Fevrola, Sgroia, and the Paretti brothers, all from the Navy St gang, lured him out to Yonkers under the pretence of killing Fevrola for giving the information to the police. They shot Nazzaro and left his body on the trolley tracks.

Nazzarro police record