Gaetano Del Gaudio

by Jon Black




Died: November 30th 1916

Where: 2031 1st Av

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown gun­man

The Neapolitan Del Gaudio broth­ers were involved in gam­bling in East Harlem, but also had con­nec­tions with the Brooklyn based Navy St gangNicola Del Gaudio, broth­er to Gaetano, and own­er of a bar­ber shop on E104th, was killed in October 1914. The killing was attrib­ut­ed to the pow­er­ful Giosue Gallucci, after Del Gaudio had become dis­pleased with his share of the East Harlem graft and demand­ed more.

Following the killing, Gaetano acquired a body­guard named George Esposito, who had pre­vi­ous­ly been a body­guard to Gallucci. Esposito was killed whilst he walked down E108th on 8th November, 1916

Later that mon­th, at 3am on November 30th, Gaetano Del Gaudio was shot and killed. He had been serv­ing cof­fee to two men in his restau­rant at 2031 1st Av, when he was blast­ed by a shot­gun that been placed again­st the his restau­rant win­dow. He was tak­en to the Flower Hospital where he claimed to know the iden­ti­ty of his killer, but refused to name him.