Gaetano Del Gaudio

by Jon Black




Died: November 30th 1916

Where: 2031 1st Av

Cause: Shot

Killer: Unknown gunman

The Neapolitan Del Gaudio brothers were involved in gambling in East Harlem, but also had connections with the Brooklyn based Navy St gangNicola Del Gaudio, brother to Gaetano, and owner of a barber shop on E104th, was killed in October 1914. The killing was attributed to the powerful Giosue Gallucci, after Del Gaudio had become displeased with his share of the East Harlem graft and demanded more.

Following the killing, Gaetano acquired a bodyguard named George Esposito, who had previously been a bodyguard to Gallucci. Esposito was killed whilst he walked down E108th on 8th November, 1916.

Later that month, at 3am on November 30th, Gaetano Del Gaudio was shot and killed. He had been serving coffee to two men in his restaurant at 2031 1st Av, when he was blasted by a shotgun that been placed against the his restaurant window. He was taken to the Flower Hospital where he claimed to know the identity of his killer, but refused to name him.