Antonio Paretti

by Jon Black

Alias: Tony the Shoemaker

Born: 1892


Died: 17th February, 1927

Where: Sing Sing

Cause: Electrocuted

Killer: n/a

Anthony Paretti, of 23 Skillman Av, Brooklyn, was a member of the Brooklyn based Navy St gang.

Paretti was sentenced to Sing Sing death house for his part in the slaying of Nicholas Terranova and Charles Ubriaco in 1916.

Paretti originally fled to Italy to escape capture. He returned to New York in March 1926, thinking that most of the witnesses against him would be gone. However, he was tried and convicted of murder in the first degree.

His brother Aniellio Paretti, who had been released from Sing Sing in July 1923, came to visit several times. On the six weeks leading up to his execution, Warden Lawes ordered the prison front guarded 24 hours a day, rather than the usual 16 hours.

On February 9th, 1927 Paretti was examined, declared sane and fit for execution. He was reported to be exerting powerful pressure upon politicians to get his sentence commuted to life imprisonment. On the day of execution, the usual electrocardiogram was not given due to lack of arrangements.

He was electrocuted at the age of 35 on 17th February, 1927. One of the last men to visit Paretti before his death was a young Vito Genovese.

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