Antonio Notaro

by Jon Black

Alias: Tony Notaro







Tony Notaro was a gunman for the Navy St gang. He was involved with the murder of Nicholas Terranova at Johnson and Navy Streets on September 7th, 1916. Giuseppe Verrazano, a gambling kingpin and ally to the Morello’s was also shot by Notaro.

Angelo Giordano, a saloon keeper from Tompkinsville S.I. was put on trial on April 27th, 1918. He was charged with plotting the killing of Giuseppe Verrazano in October, 1916. Notaro and Ralph Daniello, also from the Navy St gang, testified against Giordano.

Notaro was quoted as saying “Giordano told us that Verrazano had to be killed that night. When I said that I did not want to kill a man without orders from my boss, Giordano said he would do the job himself but that I would die the next day for refusing, then I changed my mind”. Notaro claimed that Giordano led him to the restaurant on Broome St and pointed out Verrazano to be shot.

Antonio Notaro was sentenced in June 1918, from 6 to 10 years in the case of Nicholas Terranova and Eugene Ubriaco.