Aniello Prisco

by Jon Black

Alias: Zopo the Gimp

Born: 1880

Nationality: Italian

Died: December 15th, 1912

Where: 318 E109th St

Cause: Shot

Killer: John Russomano

Aniello Prisco, 37, nicknamed ‘Zopo the Gimp’ due to a disability, was much feared gangster in Harlem.

He arrived from Italy in 1905 and lived at 2133 1st Avenue. He was tried for murder on various occasions, including the death of Pasquarella Spinelli, but was always aquitted due to lack of evidence.

On December 15th, 1912, Prisco was shot and killed. A meeting had been arranged between Giosue Gallucci and Prisco at a barber shop belonging to the Del Gaudio brothers on E104th St. However when the meeting drew close, Gallucci feigned illness and sent one of his men, Capalongo, with a message that Prisco would have to travel to see Gallucci at his bakery on E109th.

Prisco agreed and travelled to E109th, he was killed by two bullets to the head from Gallucci’s nephew John Russomano. Gallucci told the police that Prisco had been shot in self defence, and that Prisco had been trying to blackmail him at the time of the killing. John Russomano was later released free of charge.

Aniello Prisco (DC)