Aniellio Paretti

by Jon Black








Aniellio Paretti was a gunman for the Navy St gang. He was involved with the murder of Joseph ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro.

On March 16th, 1917, Joseph ‘Chuck’ Nazzaro was shot and killed in Yonkers NY. Nazzaro had been spotted talking to the Morello gang in Harlem, and was sentenced to death by the Neapolitan gangs in Brooklyn. Fevrola, Sgroia, and the Paretti brothers, all from the Navy St gang lured Nazzaro out to Yonkers under the pretence of killing Fevrola for giving the police information. They then shot Nazzaro and left his body on the trolley tracks.

Aniellio Paretti, of 23 Sherman Av, Brooklyn, was tried for the murder in November 1921, he was sentenced to the death house in Sing Sing. His lawyer immediately appealed against the decision, and on January 3rd, 1923, the Court of Appeals ordered a retrial. DA Weeks then had the indictment dropped, and Paretti was a free man. He was released from Sing Sing in July 1923.