Angelo Gagliano

by Jon Black

Alias: Angelo Gagliano

Born: 1880

Nationality: Sicilian





Angelo Gagliano, brother to Vincenzo,  ran a saloon with Ippolito Greco at 227 E107th Street.

Gagliano was associated with the Morello gang in East Harlem, and gave evidence in support of the gang at the 1910 trial of Lupo and Morello. Starting in 1904 he ran an ornamental plastering business from his home at 231 E107th, an address associated with Stefano LaSalle and Vincent Rao.

He was arrested on May 17th 1916 in connection with the Barnet Baff murder trial. The saloon he ran with Ippolito Greco had been noted as the base where the Baff killers were hired from.

Gagliano Greco saloon E107th Street (inc. Rao's feather store)