Alphonso Sgroia

by Jon Black

Alias: The Butcher

Born: 19th July 1886


Died: May 1940

Where: Italy

Cause: Disease

Alphonso Sgroia arrived in New York in 1899, aged 13. In 1905, he stayed with his brother Biagio on 117th Street in Harlem. He later worked as a gunman for the Neapolitan Navy Street gang.

On June 24th, 1916, a meeting took place at Coney Island between the Sicilian Morello gang, the Neapolitan Navy Street gang and the Neapolitan Coney Island gang. The idea of the meeting was to discuss the expansion of gambling dens in lower Manhattan. A plan that led to a string of murders across New York.

For his part in the killings, Sgroia was sentenced on June 17th, 1918. He received twelve years in Dannemora for manslaughter in the case of Nicholas Terranova. He went on to testify against his fellow gunmen Paretti and Fevrola, he was rewarded with a shorter sentence and deportation to Italy.

Back in Italy, Sgroia was married on May 10th, 1926. He continued his trade as a butcher, and went on to father nine sons.